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Meet our new sales engineer in Finland

Meet our new sales engineer in Finland

Mika Nieminen is our new sales engineer at Holtab in Finland – a former professional cyclist who, with a wide network of contacts, solid knowledge of the industry and a great head for winning, will bring both drive and expertise to his new workplace.

Welcome to Holtab. What’s your background, and what made you choose Holtab?
“Thank you. My most recent job was as a sales engineer at Netcontrol. They make control equipment that’s used in Holtab’s stations, so I was already pretty familiar with Holtab’s products. Hopefully, this experience will make things easier for Holtab’s customers from now on. I also have a background in the world of sport, and for several years I was a professional cyclist in France. Those are two quite different areas, but my cycling career has come in very useful in my new career choice, not least when it comes to qualities like endurance and mental strength.”

What’s your initial impression of Holtab?
“Changing your place of work is always a big step, but right from the first time I visited Holtab in Tingsryd I got the impression that everyone who works here is happy and likes their job – that made a big impression on me. Now that I’ve spent a couple of months at Holtab, I definitely feel I made the right choice!”

What will you be doing at Holtab from now on?
“I’m going to visit all our existing customers in Finland and carry on doing business with them as usual. My role also includes cultivating new customers. As I have a lot of customer contacts from my previous professional life, I am also going to visit them and hopefully generate even more deals in the energy segment. There’s strong competition here in Finland, but Holtab has a very good reputation, and that’s a really good starting point. Now the fun of the long-term work starts!”

Holtab exhibits at the Verkosto fair in Tampere 23–24th of January. What will you present at the fair?
“We will show our Network station (Puistomuuntamo) and also our separate Low voltage switchgear. I will be there along with Bengt Dahlberg, Sales director, Peter Ackebjer, Strategy and Business development manager, and Hans Gustafsson, Sales Support. We aim to meet as many clients as possible to discuss future opportunities.”

“We have a large and flexible product range, some of which is not so well known here in Finland. Primary stations and bigger technical buildings are two examples. Hopefully we will give fair visitors a better idea about our company, our values and capabilities. We look forward to seeing you in our stand, A 626.”

Fact box

Name: Mika Nieminen, age 35
Role: Sales engineer, Holtab Finland
Previous experience: Sales engineer at Netcontrol. Has a degree in electrical engineering from Metropolia University of Applied Science in Finland. Has also been a professional cyclist, living for several years in France.
Family: Married, two sons aged 5 and 9
Interests: Sport and well-being

Mika has been working side by side with our experienced sales engineer Mikko Lagerqvist from July 2018 till the end of the year when Mikko retired.

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