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“Holtab’s engagement in CSR surprised me”

“Holtab’s engagement in CSR surprised me”

#WorkingAtHoltab. Linus Olofsson manages the growing Business Support department at Holtab. The department’s role is to receive potential jobs from the sales team, and convert them into feasible tenders. This all has to be presented in a way that the customer can understand and base a decision on.

“It means being innovative and coming up with good solutions that suit the customer’s requests. This is where the ability to work collaboratively at Holtab really comes into its own. We work together across departments,” says Linus.


What’s the atmosphere like at Holtab?

“It’s very open-minded. You can say what’s on your mind, we trust each other and there is a lot of freedom with responsibility.”


You came to Holtab six years ago, in what ways have you developed?

”I started as a project manager, then I became a tender engineer and now I’m responsible for the Business Support department. There are opportunities to develop at Holtab. I think it’s great.”


Was there something that surprised you about Holtab?

“The company’s level of involvement in its CSR project for Nepal. Holtab is truly a socially-oriented company. There can be 20 people at our Nepal meetings. Everyone has the opportunity to get involved, which makes me very happy. I really love working at Holtab.”


When will your next trip to Nepal be?

”Right now, it’s difficult to travel because of the pandemic. Three colleagues and I were actually supposed to go to Nepal in the spring of 2020 to follow up on one of our projects in the village of Bansari. That trip was cancelled, but I’m hoping to be able to go fairly soon. Together with ’Build Up Nepal’, an NGO, we help the villagers to get access to running water and building earthquake-proof houses. They were hit very hard by the 2015 earthquake. It will be very exciting to go back.”


Tell me something about yourself that surprises your colleagues?

”I’m a pretty ordinary guy, so there aren’t many surprises. Everyone here at Holtab knows I love football. My whole family does, actually. Me, my wife, our three daughters. We all, even my youngest (5-year old) daughter, play at Jämshögs IF. The club members have set up a football daycare for the very youngest. In fact, my family and I live only 100 metres from the pitch in Jämshög, so we were strategic in buying our house, ha ha! No, I’m just joking. It was a happy coincidence.”



Name: Linus Olofsson
Professional Role: Manager of the Business Support Department
Lives: Jämshög in Blekinge
Before Holtab: Was a commissioning engineer, primarily focusing on gas turbines at Siemens. Linus has also worked as a project manager and tender engineer at Holtab.

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