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Switching stations / Junction cabinets / Feeder cabinets

Product quality

With its many qualities, sheet steel is the obvious choice of construction material. Steel is cost effective, strong and pliable. It is an excellent material for building safe and robust secondary substations. When handled right, a sheet steel secondary substation provides more service life than required.

Personal safety

Our secondary substations are constructed with the highest priority for personal safety with plenty of space and well proven and back-mounted technology to ensure work with voltage is carried out in a secure manner. The stations have been tested according to IEC62271-202 type A and B to ensure electrical arc safety.


There are many possibilities for customisation, as well as a wide portfolio of standard solutions. There are essentially no restrictions when constructing a station to meet individual requirements.

Non-walk-in switching station for RMU switchgear, 12–36 kV

Non-walk-in switching station for RMU switchgear, 12–36 kV

  • Equipped with RMU switchgear selected by, the customer.
  • Transformer stations fulfil arc fault requirements according to substation standard IEC 62271-202 type A and B. When RMU switchgear requires pressure relief, it takes place through ducts in the transformer compartment.
  • The roof interior is sprayed with anti-condensation compound to prevent droplets falling on electrical equipment.

Switching cabinet 12 kV

Switching cabinet 12 kV

The Holtab switching cabinet is a neat little enclosure fitted with fully epoxy-resin insulated medium voltage Magnefix switchgear.

  • Equipped with Magnefix switchgear with a maximum of four switch disconnectors.
  • Smart design that simplifies cable connection.
  • The enclosure is equipped with:

      floor membrane to prevent ground moisture intrusion,
      sealing strips in the doorway and ceiling to prevent the intrusion of dust and dirt,
      anti-condensation compound on the inner roof to prevent the formation of condensation and droplets.

  • Guaranteed maintenance free for 20 years.

Switching cabinets can be fitted with operating handles but no other equipment. If you wish to fit the cabinet with other equipment, there is always an opportunity to choose a larger enclosure, type connection station.

Branching cabinet 12–36 kV, KS-3

Branching cabinet 12–36 kV, KS-3

Box for splicing or branching 12–36 kV cables. Aluzinc enclosure with enhanced corrosion protection on the foundation. Easy voltage tests, easy to earth.