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Holtab focuses on quality work

Holtab focuses on quality work

Holtab is investing in becoming an even better provider of electricity solutions.
"Because our products are unique and customised, quality is becoming increasingly important", says Karin Lundstedt, Head of Quality and Environment at Holtab.

Since the beginning of 2023, Karin Lundstedt has been leading Holtab’s quality and environmental efforts. She is a trained chemical engineer and most recently held the position of Quality and Environmental Manager at a company in the glass industry.

One of her main tasks at Holtab is to develop and renew the management system. This is to ensure that Holtab has a robust system that assists all employees with procedures and work methods. ”We want to meet customers’ high expectations. Our management system will evolve and contribute to an even better product,” she says.

Culture of employee engagement

Engaged employees are one of the key factors in maintaining good quality and environmental work. If employees know that their improvement suggestions are taken seriously, they are willing to contribute, according to Karin. ”At Holtab, we have a strong culture of employee engagement, so it feels very good. It’s about working on improvements in everyday life. And that there are resources for it.”

During her time in the glass industry, she often heard about Holtab and how employees enjoy working there. This made her curious, and when she saw the current position, she applied. 

”I understood that it would be easy to fit into the team with the culture that exists here. The fact that Holtab is so aware of sustainability issues was also important to me. Like the commitment to being a net supplier of electricity and that we help people in Nepal.”

Being in the electricity industry feels positive to her. 

”We represent a major transition in society with electrification, and it’s exciting to be at a company that is part of making it possible. There is a great need for our products,” says Karin Lundstedt, Head of Quality and Environment at Holtab.

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