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"I thought industrial jobs were for guys"

Hale Ståhl started as a theatre nurse, but switched to the electricity industry. She has no regrets. On the contrary. She has good working hours, learns something new every day, and laughs a lot with her colleagues at Holtab – who are almost all men.

”More women should pursue careers in the industry. At first, I didn’t think I could do it. But I did, and it has impacted both my work and personal life. I can watch TV programmes about nuclear power and wonder about the workings of substations. Before, I would just press the light switch, now I know what goes on behind it. I know how entire communities are illuminated and I can fix a broken cord at home.”


Became “picky”

Part of Holtab’s corporate culture is the focus on quality and accuracy – an approach that Hale Ståhl has embraced.

“It’s changed a lot for me. I’ve become picky and I am constantly looking to improve things.” 

Her next professional goal is to transition from installing network substations to becoming a certified electrician. 


Made a visit

Before Hale Ståhl started at Holtab, she only knew what was common knowledge, that it was “a good company”. She was also aware that Holtab was keen to get more women onto the shop floor.

After initial hesitancy, she decided to visit Holtab. She was growing tired of her profession, and the hours at the hospital were not suited to a newly immigrated, Turkish, single-mother of small children. 

Her first impression was good and she decided: Holtab would be her new employer. But that meant she would first have to complete a one-year course at the Wasa School. 

She got a summer job immediately following her studies, then a permanent position. She has now been employed for two years.


More women ought to work here

”It’s just me and another woman in my department. We’d love to have more women join the team! The guys are so much fun to work with, we laugh a lot every day. The atmosphere is better when there are both women and men, there’s more colour – they think so as well. We’re all just humans. There’s no difference between men and women here.” 

“Generally, women think the way that I did,” says Hale Ståhl, ”that industrial jobs belong to the guys.”

”Women don’t usually even consider getting into this industry. They may think it’s heavy or dirty work, or that they don’t want to work with men. That’s at least how I felt. But today I’m so happy that I was stubborn. I haven’t regretted it once.” 

Holtab has made her develop. Together with her manager and the HR department, she is figuring out the next step. 

”I continue to challenge myself all the time. Can I do this? Yes, I can. Can I do this too?”



Name: Hale Ståhl, 41
Professional Role: Fitter
Lives: In Urshult, with two children.
Before Holtab: ”I worked as a nurse for 19 years in Turkey. Since I arrived in Sweden, I worked as an assistant nurse, but felt that I wanted to study and further develop my skillset.”

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