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The desire to develop is apparent at Holtab

The desire to develop is apparent at Holtab

At Holtab, there is a spirit of being open to trying new ways of doing things. This raised HR Manager Pernilla Sundén’s eyebrows. “It’s unique,” she says.

She has held various senior roles in HR for many years. At companies significantly larger than Holtab, in fact. Pernilla came to Holtab one year ago, and the staff’s desire to develop made a big impression.

”I haven’t seen anything like this before. There’s a great deal of internal mobility. Employees find it natural to apply for new positions within the company, such as moving from production to design or business support. Holtab is good at taking advantage of this too. The company values the experience that employees gain in production,” says Pernilla.



Despite the level of internal mobility, Holtab needs to bring in new employees. The company is in a phase of expansion and Pernilla is investing a lot of effort in finding competent staff.

In addition to recruitment, her workday consists of supporting the company’s managers with HR-related issues. This includes tough issues such as laws and agreements, as well as softer issues such as how employees operate in the workplace.

Pernilla is a member of the company’s management team and is delighted that gender equality and diversity are prioritised.

”One of the reasons why I applied to Holtab is the company values. Work is being done to bring more women into the electrical industry and we are engaged in our community. We collaborate with the Tuki Nepal organisation, which is doing important work in Nepal. The opportunity to get involved in such issues is important for the employees,” she says.


Knowledge, service and cooperation are key values at Holtab that help shape the corporate culture.



Pernilla is from Tingsryd, but has worked in Gemla and Växjö for many years. Not having to commute and gaining an hour every day has been a readjustment. Getting to work now entails a five-minute walk.

”It feels different. I’m not sure what I’m doing with the extra time,” she says.

How do you feel now compared to when you had to commute?
”I have a different sense of calm.



Name: Pernilla Sundén, 52
Professional Role: HR Manager at Holtab
Lives: Tingsryd, five minutes walk from Holtab
Before Holtab: She held various HR roles, including as a manager in the air purification industry
Leisure: Likes to read, preferably mysteries. Plays padel with her partner: “Better than good”

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