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Primary Substations

Our industrially-built primary substations have a wealth of benefits and are designed with the future in mind. The stations are entirely prefabricated in the factory.

Advantages of prefabrication

Our prefabricated products are a cost-effective alternative to on-site assembly. They save our clients time and money and they have a lower environmental impact. Industrial and controlled mass-production ensures a high-quality product.


Basically, we provide a standard solution that can be adapted and adjusted to meet specific requirements. We are a completely independent manufacturer, which means our engineers can create the best solutions for every assignment.

Ready to use

When the finished primary substations are delivered, they are unloaded directly onto the ground and are ready to use. They are tested in the factory against the customer’s live operational environment, which means commissioning is very quick. As close to a ”plug and play” solution as you can get.

Security of supply

Security of supply

Our built-for-purpose and state-of-the-art production facilities are unaffected by seasons or weather, ensuring we can deliver all year round and on time. A complete, totally prefabricated and ready-to-use station means minimal on-site building time, considerably less transportation and a reduced environmental impact.

Mobile facility

Mobile facility

Mobile stations are an ideal temporary solution if you are repairing or rebuilding a permanent primary substation. They are built to withstand rougher conditions and are robust enough to be moved around. When a mobile station has to be put into operation, it must not involve time-consuming procedures requiring special transport permits, meaning it can be moved around on a normal trailer.

Mobile stations secure operations

Mobile stations secure operations



We prepare our products to meet the challenges and opportunities with smart grids.