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Development project for Supply and Distribution board

Development project for Supply and Distribution board

Holtab had identified a gap in its product range as regards switchgear for the construction and industry segment. They contacted a former business partner and ran an innovative development project which ultimately led to market-adapted service switchgear called HMSI.

The new service switchgear was designed to satisfy a number of parameters. Prior to its development, five points were listed, namely high personnel safety, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, simple addition of other groups and the capability to connect cables from both above and below.

“Wöhner contacted us at exactly at the right time and we decided to visit their factory to initiate discussions on the development of the product within a joint project,” recalls Holtab’s salesman Anders Haglund.
Holtab and Wöhner had worked together earlier, but this was the first time that the development departments of both companies sat down at the design table and discussed the matter. Henrik Johansson was Holtab’s project manager for the design.

“I went down to see them in Germany and learnt how their products worked. We naturally had to adapt and refine the original products for the requirements of the Swedish market, but they offered an excellent basis so that we exceeded our expectations and everything worked out really well in adapting them to our needs,” he notes.


Holtab’s solution, based on Wöhner’s 185Power, was exhibited at the Elfack trade fair in 2017 and evoked a very good response. The product will be rolled out onto the market in autumn/winter and, in the run-up to the launch, a number of tests will be run at independent test centres such as IPH and NEFI, where everything will be documented on the basis of the applicable standard SS- 4362131.

“The great thing about our solution is that we can combine power switches, fuse switches and simpler fuse strips. Other systems on the market offer only one of these, so that our product is unique by accommodating all three on the same busbar. We can also select power switches from different leading suppliers, which is a big advantage as specific makes are often a customer requirement,” says Johansson.

The specifications from Holtab’s original list of requirements were ticked off during the development phase. Outgoing cables can be connected from above, so the switchgear can be placed directly on the ground with no need for an installation floor. This greatly facilitates the installation phase.

“We also listened to the requirements of the market in order to build-in the energy metering equipment. With today’s requirement on maximising energy efficiency it’s not unusual to see requirements to meter all outgoing groups.”

Holtab HMSI has solutions for the 3-phase energy metering of all groups.

Dan Giberg is responsible for the Nordic markets at Wöhner. He feels that it has been very instructive and exciting to be involved in this development project together with Holtab.

“Their way of working suits us really well. We have had fruitful discussions, and their technical knowledge also helps our own development,” he notes.

Wöhner initially designed the 185Power busbar system for the power grid sector and was interested in developing the product as well as making country adaptations. So it suited both companies to work together.

“We go to and from each other’s factories and cooperate on both the sales and technical sides. We understand each other’s business and are interested in what each of us is doing. Holtab is a good partner who suits us and our products well,” he says.

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