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Schneider and Holtab revolutionise the substation

Schneider and Holtab revolutionise the substation

Together with Schneider, Holtab has developed a prefabricated 60/20 kV substation. European Energy in Denmark placed the order. "This is revolutionary," says Holtab's Country Manager for Denmark, Ebbe Klarskov.

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The Danish company, European Energy, has been investing heavily in renewable energy for a number of years. Today, the company owns a number of large solar and wind farms around the world.

One of the plants is the Harre Solar Farm in Jutland, Denmark. European Energy commissioned Schneider to help them with smart and cost-effective electric power solutions.

”We are very pleased with our partnership with Schneider. As we are getting a prefabricated substation, it will be easy on site. All we have to do is add the voltage,” says engineer Daniel Rehn from European Energy.

Unique substation

Schneider has worked closely with Holtab to supply this unique substation, which contains a newly developed compact 72.5 kV switchgear.

”We wanted a small prefabricated substation that could be connected directly to the 60 kV network. Our vision is to continue to drive development in the industry, and to find products that are quick to assemble and make on-site work easier,” says Claus Klinge from Schneider.

He says that the collaboration with Holtab was seamless.

”The substation has turned out extremely well and we see this as an excellent product for companies that invest in renewable energy,” he says.

Powerful switchgear

This new compact switchgear has been developed at Schneider’s own factory in Germany. Holtab has been involved throughout the development stage in Germany, as part of their close partnership.

”This project has included elements that are new to both us and Schneider. We have been open with each other and have constantly discussed where we are headed,” says Ebbe Klarskov, Country Manager for Holtab in Denmark.

He describes the work as nerve-wracking, but rewarding.

”The substation we’ve developed is revolutionary. It will be more economically viable for everyone involved, with prefabricated substations that are this powerful. After all my years in the industry, I am pleased to be involved in this.



Energy company, European Energy, invests heavily in renewable energy and has been steadily expanding. They commissioned Schneider to create smart and cost-effective electric power solutions for the Harre Solar Farm in Jutland, Denmark.



Schneider then turned to Holtab to find a partner to create a new type of substation. Among other things, a newly developed compact switchgear of 72.5 kV was to be installed at the substation. When the switchgear from Schneider was delivered, the substation was prefabricated by Holtab in Tingsryd, Sweden. In this way, costly work on site was avoided.



The prefabricated plant for 60/20 kV contains:

  • Holtab technical building, using HMIC
  • Schneider 72.5 kV GIS switchgear, using the WI series
  • Schneider 24 kV switchgear, using Pix<
  • Control cabinet containing 230VAC UPS, PLC
  • 400V system with measurement.



Thanks to innovative electric power solutions, European Energy gains extra strength to continue its rapid expansion in the solar cells market.

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