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Holtab opens Training Centre

Holtab opens Training Centre

Holtab is launching a training centre in Olofström. Here, the company's electrical installers practice assembling low-voltage switchgear and enhance their skills in a controlled environment.

”The demand for power solutions is growing. An entire professional group needs training, and we want to contribute,” says Roger Elfmark, Head of Division Products at Holtab.

The aim is to train both newcomers to Holtab and existing installers in a quality-assured manner. The ambition is to expand the operations, and the first training serves as a template that Holtab can further develop.

”All our installers have the opportunity to take the training to acquire new skills. Eventually, we can see that even other functions in the company need to undergo training at the Holtab Training Centre. Our goal is to increase safety throughout the industry,” says Roger Elfmark.


Teacher Peter Jeppsson and electrical installers Vivica Wastesson-Halvarsson, Marcus Ahl, and Jonathan Zimmer.


The responsible teacher for the course is Holtab’s Technical Director, Gordon Gunnarsson. He teaches both mechanical and electrical assembly, with safety always in focus.

”We are keen for everyone working with, and around, Holtab’s products to feel secure. Therefore, we learn the technology thoroughly, which is closely linked to having a developed safety mindset,” he says.


”Much to learn”

In the very first course, four of Holtab’s installers participated, spending three intensive days in Olofström.

”Previously, I had mostly worked with simpler switchgear. Now, we practiced building HMS low-voltage switchgear, which are larger and more complex, and it was enjoyable. I learned a lot,” says installer Vivica Wastesson-Halvarsson.


Installer Vivica Wastesson-Halvarsson has increased her knowledge.


Assistant teacher during the course was Peter Jeppsson, currently a coordinator in production in Tingsryd, who will, when needed, assume Gordon Gunnarsson’s role as the educational manager at the Holtab Training Centre.

Peter Jeppsson,coordinator in production in Tingsryd.


”It is essential to know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Here, you learn the whole picture. You get to touch and examine the products and components while learning to read a circuit diagram and understand how to document correctly,” says Peter Jeppsson.



  • Holtab Training Centre opened in the autumn of 2023.
  • The purpose is to elevate the skill level of Holtab’s installers.
  • The training includes both theoretical and practical components.

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