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'I am proud to contribute to the energy transition'.

'I am proud to contribute to the energy transition'.

He enjoys being part of large and complex projects. Rasmus Davidsen is a Sales Engineer for Holtab in Denmark. 'Seeing the results of innovative work is a fantastic feeling', Rasmus says.

Rasmus Davidsen and Ebbe Klarskov make up the Holtab sales team in Denmark. They are based in the town of Kolding in Jutland.

Rasmus started about a year ago and became directly involved in developing special stations that are an important part of the green transition. Holtab and Schneider collaborated on a revolutionary project.

’I am proud of what we have achieved. I love when you take components and use them in an innovative way in a larger whole’, Rasmus says.


Focus on renewables

The electric power industry is booming. Society as a whole is moving towards more renewable energy and higher levels of electrification. Before Holtab, Rasmus was a project manager at a company that worked with solar panels.

’Now that I’ve joined Holtab, I’m focusing on renewable energy while Ebbe is into electricity grid companies. Ebbe and I run our own projects, but we consult with each other’, he says.



Neat and tidy

Rasmus has had a positive first impression of Holtab since he started a year ago.

’I received a good introduction. It was in the middle of the pandemic, so we couldn’t meet physically. Usually you have to spend two weeks in production in Tingsryd to learn the basics properly, and I think that’s useful. But I got to meet all the team leaders digitally and they did a very good job explaining everyone’s role. Holtab is a company with a sense of order. It’s important who is responsible for what’, he says.



Name: Rasmus Davidsen, 31 years old
Professional Role: Sales Engineer at Holtab in Denmark
Before Holtab: A trained boat builder, then a project manager at a solar company
Resides: Outside Sønderborg in southern Denmark
Family: Girlfriend and two children, 5 and 8 years old
Leisure time: Football, family and woodworking: ’I love working with natural materials’.

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