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Service Switchgear


We offer a unique solution whereby the distribution boards are constructed from encapsulation units based on our CMS and HMS switchgear. As a customer you get the freedom to choose the design that suits each individual case.

Operational and personal safety

Our high-quality distribution boards are tested in compliance with IEC/EN 60439-1 and can also be verified in compliance with IEC/EN 61439-2. We can also carry out complete personal and operational safety tests according to our customer’s requirements.


Our distribution boards are available pre-assembled when delivered and we have solutions for both indoor and outdoor environments. This means you get a flexible solution adapted to your individual needs.

Rail systems and apparatus

Rail systems and apparatus

Rail systems with a rated current of up to 1600 A are available with a range of accessories and can be equipped with different apparatus for desired functions. The range includes connectors, disconnectors, load break switches, fuse load break switches, circuit breakers and much more.