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Electric vehicles get power from Carl-Fredrik

Electric vehicles get power from Carl-Fredrik

#WorkingAtHoltab: Carl-Fredrik Gyllenhammar wanted to work more with the products. In his opinion, the combination of sales, technology and finance is the best thing about being a sales engineer at Holtab.

From his west-coast office in Skärhamn, Carl-Fredrik sells customised electric power solutions all over the country, with the primary focus on electric vehicles – e-mobility and infrastructure such as rail traffic.

Holtab builds prefabricated power supply solutions. Electric propulsion is extremely hot for all types of transport, and charging is now needed in all contexts.

”New and old shopping centres need to be adapted for electric cars. New high-speed trains are being discussed. Bus companies are adapting their bus fleet, including switching to all-electric buses. Electric commercial aviation is even being discussed. So many different players are facing these kind of challenges, and we want to be the preferred partner for them all. Our strength is that we have been around for a long time, have good products, and invest heavily in our production site – so we are well equipped for the future.”


Describe a normal day for a sales engineer.

”I do a lot of listening to clients and brainstorming what a customised solution might look like. Then I talk to our designers to come up with a technical and commercial proposal that will hopefully result in a finished facility. No two days are alike.”


What’s the sales process?

“Firstly, we have many returning customers and work a lot with long-term relationship building, but we also put a lot of effort into developing new customers. We get some enquiries from people finding us on Google, a large construction company, for example, that has a turnkey contract that will include an electric power plant.”


What makes Holtab a good place to work?

”Holtab has a high level of social commitment and a good corporate culture. But above all, we build exciting products. Those of us who work here have the opportunity to be a part of the major energy transition.”



Name: Carl-Fredrik Gyllenhammar, 40 years old.
Professional Role: Sales engineer
Lives: On the island of Tjörn in Bohuslän. Enjoys driving his enduro motorbike through the woods and is a volunteer sea rescue worker in his free time.
Before Holtab: Consultant and consultant manager within the field of electrical grids with energy companies as customers. In addition, Carl-Fredrik has worked as a project manager within the field of nuclear power.

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