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Technical Buildings


An industrial building that ensures quality, saves time and has a low environmental impact. The concept of our prefabricated solutions is unique – with a choice of technical solutions, assembled and tested in a factory setting.


Basically, we provide a standard solution that can be adapted and adjusted to meet specific requirements. We are a completely independent manufacturer, which means our engineers can create the best solutions for every assignment.


We specialise in tailor-made technical buildings. They are constructed, manufactured, tested and inspected at our factory in Tingsryd prior to delivery. This is much more effective compared to building a similar station on site.

Holtab's technical buildings have several advantages

Holtab's technical buildings have several advantages

Our technical buildings are a prefabricated and cost-effective solution with many advantages. All technical buildings, including equipment and technology, are produced at our factory in Tingsryd. One of the advantages is that the buildings are constructed under optimal conditions in the factory instead of being installed, for example, at a building site where conditions are not always perfect.

Technical buildings are available in two alternatives and can be equipped to your requirements with a range of standard options.

Technical Buildings for Hallandsåsen

Technical Buildings for Hallandsåsen



We prepare our products to meet the challenges and opportunities with smart grids.