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Holtab is growing in Denmark thanks to renewable energy

 Holtab is growing in Denmark thanks to renewable energy

Gigantic solar farms and political ambitions for electric cars mean that Holtab Denmark is facing a bright future. 

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Ebbe Klarskov, Country Manager Holtab Denmark, started as an electrician and made a solid career at companies such as SEMCO, ABB, Otra and Schneider Electric before he was headhunted to Holtab in 2012. 


Recruiting in Denmark

Today, Holtab has a third of the Danish market. The goal is to take at least half. New recruitments are needed to achieve this. 

Solar power is in sharp growth and Holtab is taking large orders for solar farms.

”The largest solar farm we have delivered to date is 200 megawatts, with operations starting in 2021. The surface area is equivalent to 276 football pitches. We have drawn up special solutions to enable the truck to move all 261 Holtab stations safely around the farm.


Investing for the climate

Holtab wants to take play its part in taking responsibility for the climate and it is, of course, particularly pertinent when Denmark invests in renewables.

”Over the next five years, we’ll see many new photovoltaic installations. Wind power is moving out to sea – we’re not out there, Holtab takes care of solar energy on land. And perhaps we’ll also see other forms of energy such as biogas, you never know. There is also a political desire to have one million electric cars by 2030.”


Smarter switchgear

As the number of energy sources increases, the switchgears must also be smarter to handle the large variations. 

”Managing the different forms of energy and finding the right station for the right project is a challenge. It’s not just the customer who should feel secure with Holtab. The grid companies must also know that everything is working well when Holtab arrives and connects, for example, a new solar farm,” says Ebbe.

How does the market in Denmark differ from that in Sweden? 
”Sweden has rules for tests that are not available in Denmark. Our competitors can make a cheaper product than Holtab because of this. Naturally, the market is smaller and we actually only have two major competitors; in Sweden there are more.

Customers choose Holtab because they know they will get a customised solution with high quality and safety, at the right price. 


Understanding the customer’s needs

Ebbe Klarskov explains that sales are often the result of his and his colleagues’ understanding of the customer’s needs and that they will returning with a good solution. 

What skills does Holtab need in the future?
”We are looking for solution-oriented people with very good understanding of electrical engineering. Someone who is good at understanding the customer’s needs and can be a project manager for the customer. Competence in solar energy is also of interest to us. 

What’s the best thing about working at Holtab?
”We have great products. I like how we work together within the company, but also the large amount of freedom I have.” 


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