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Electricity is exciting

Electricity is exciting

To become an electrician, Jalil Faqiri studied at Montico Adult Education in Växjö, for a year and a half. He then started looking for an internship, found Holtab, and stayed. On 12 January 2021, he was given a permanent position as a electrical fitter. Congratulations!

“Thank you. I’m really happy, all of the employees and colleagues here are great. So it’s nice,” he says.

As an electrician, you can choose whether to work in the residential or industrial field. Jalil chose the industrial.

”At Holtab I’m currently learning how to build switchboards called ’HMS’. They’re assembled in the stations and then sent to different locations in Sweden and Denmark. During electrical training you learn the theory, but then you also have to work as an apprentice for a certain number of hours before you graduate. You really get to understand how it all works through practical experience.”

On Jalil Faqiri’s first day as an intern at Holtab when he was shown what the work entailed, he didn’t think he would be up to it.

”I thought this would be really difficult, and wondered how will I learn everything? But it wasn’t as difficult as I thought.”


Why is it fun to work with electricity?

”It’s exciting. Without electricity, everything stops. Computers, TVs. Without electricity, nothing would work in the city. Electricity can feel a bit dangerous if you don’t have the appropriate knowledge-base, but it’s not difficult to learn. Maybe in the beginning, yes, but not when you get into it. First you grasp the theoretical, then the practical, and then you’ve got it! Before I applied for the electrician programme, I studied the field a little and realised there are a lot of work opportunities within the industry.”



Jalil Faqiri lives in Växjö and commutes to Tingsryd with friends who also work at Holtab.

”There are several of us who carpool, but we have to be a bit careful right now because of the pandemic.”

In his spare time, he wrestles and goes to the gym.

”Holtab is a secure workplace in several ways. You feel secure, and it’s a big company. You can start somewhere small and grow within Holtab, in high voltage or low voltage, for example.”


What’s the difference between high voltage and low voltage?

“High voltage is more than 1000 volts. When electricity is generated and transported, it’s high voltage. But then when it enters a building, it’s converted to low voltage.”



Name: Jalil Faqiri
Lives in: Växjö, commutes to Tingsryd with friends from Holtab.
Professional Role: Electrical fitter
Before Holtab: Studied to be an electrician at Montico adult training in Växjö.
Leisure: In his spare time, he wrestles and goes to the gym.


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Holtab collaborates with Montico, which runs training courses in Växjö, Tingsryd, several locations in Blekinge and Norrköping.

Montico is an adult educator that offers full vocational training courses, individual courses or the opportunity to complete grades in basic subjects.

For example, you can study to be an electrical fitter, electrician, welding and sheet metal technology, CNC technology and plumbing. Read more at Montico.se


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