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More power in Finland – Aki new sales engineer

More power in Finland – Aki new sales engineer

With Aki Taisto, Holtab is strengthening its efforts to bring more innovative solutions to the Finnish market. "I like working with advanced electric power technology," says the 35-year-old.

Aki Taisto will be based in his office in Kangasala near Tampere. Holtab has previously been represented in Finland by sales engineer Mika Nieminen, so now there is twice the strength. 

Together they will sell Holtab’s prefabricated electric power solutions.

”With climate change, we’re working in an industry of the future. Holtab’s contribution are smart products that speed up the development of renewable sources,” says Aki. 



Technology enthusiast

Previously, Aki worked for a large, world-renowned group of companies. With his new position at Holtab, he hopes to experience more freedom. 

”So far, I’ve been to the head office in Tingsryd twice. It’s been inspiring,” he says. 

At heart, Aki is a technology enthusiast. Electricity has always fascinated him and for a long time he has broadened his knowledge and gained new insights, mainly through practical work but also through higher education, such as a master’s degree from university. 

”Electricity is complex and you’re never fully developed. Engineering is brilliant. At the same time, I like people and that’s why I went into a sales role. Now I get to combine two things I like,” says Aki Taisto. 


Innovative solutions

For him, the attraction of the sales role is that he gets to help customers. To a certain extent, it’s about helping them with what they want, but at the same time he wants to inspire them to see new opportunities. Holtab works with innovative solutions. 

”Electricity is a fast-paced industry of the future and I have experience in a number of different areas, including installation, monitoring, commissioning, design and system sales. I know the entire chain and help customers find a unique solution for their problems,” says Aki. 



Name: Aki Taisto
Role: Sales engineer with offices in Kangasala, near Tampere/Tamperfors in Finland
Age: 35 years
Previously: Sales Manager, Schneider Electric Finland Oy
Training: Master’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tampere/Tamperfors, Finland
Family: Wife and two children, aged six and three
Leisure time: Golf

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