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With us, you can work within a variety of different assignments and careers.
Our common goal is to develop smarter solutions for tomorrow.

Sales and Marketing

At Holtab we offer consultative technical sales. The sales department comprises sales engineers, tender engineers, and in-house salespeople, who develop both customised and standard solutions, based on the needs of the customer. Our sales engineers are located all over Sweden, as well as in Denmark and Finland.

On the marketing side, we have both internal and external communication channels, covering positioning as well as traditional marketing material. Our expertise within strategy, business development and communication works in unison to keep Holtab at the forefront of the market.

Project Management

After our sales engineers have completed the deal with the customer, the project department takes over. The project managers become the primary link between the customer and the different sectors that are involved within Holtab, to allow the customer to receive a finished product. Project managers and project administrators perform this role in the company. Among other things, this department handles the more advanced product deliveries and complex projects.

In close collaboration with other sectors within Holtab, the project department ensures that products are delivered on time, are of high quality, and show good profitability.


Our electrical and mechanical designers work in advanced computer programs, in order to draw product solutions that are then manufactured in our factory. The designers’ drawings include both standard solutions and customer adaptations. They also work on the development of new concepts, in addition to the products that Holtab offers. In the field of design, article processors working in the business system also work with maintenance of the items needed to manufacture our products.

The expertise within the field of design is also used as technical support for other parts of the company and contributes to meeting future needs for power transmission solutions.

Purchasing and Logistics

Through a strong supplier network, our buyers ensure that we have the components we need to produce what the customer ordered. The purchases are both qualitative and sustainable. In addition to major purchases for the production department, they also handle the smaller purchases that make Holtab function, such as protective equipment and office materials.

Our transport managers ensure that our products are delivered safely and on time. The responsibility for ensuring that both internal and external logistics run smoothly lies with the freight receivers, material handlers, logistics support, as well as the forklift and crane operators. The ongoing maintenance of machines and the internal workplace is handled by our caretakers.


It is in the production environment that we ensure that we deliver high quality products. Our electricians, panel builders, and fitters facilitate the mechanical installations, low and high voltage installations and final inspections. We also have fitters and machine operators who process and pre-assemble modules made of sheet metal, copper and cables. At our factory we also have our own painting department. Our production planners and production technicians work operationally and tactically, to create the best possible conditions for us to deliver according to the customer’s wishes. Continuous improvements form the basis of our business development strategy.

Quality and Environment

At Holtab we work according to a standardised working method in matters relating to quality, the environment and safety, both strategically and operationally. Holtab’s quality and environmental management system is ISO-certified. Working with quality and environmental issues places high demands on structure, because those who work here do so largely in accordance with a rules and legislation-based process.

Among other things, our quality coordinator works towards continuous improvement when it comes to deviations. One of the top priorities is to lead, drive and develop the quality and environmental issues Holtab facilitates, as well as to actively work towards a more sustainable business.

Service and Installation

Our service technicians work in the field of service and installation. They are the ones who are out in the field and make sure that the products we deliver work. They have a job that requires travel; both long and short trips. They perform everything from small jobs, completion and commissioning, to large jobs, such as installing an entire station.

Together with the salespeople and project managers, the service technicians are the face of Holtab, as they are the ones that meet the customers in their own environment. There are also service and project managers who develop solutions for our customers, as well as ensure the department’s deliveries.

Finance and IT

In finance, we work with everything from payroll administration, customer and supplier invoices, to accounting, follow-up and financial statements. Staff in the Finance Department are involved in everything from budget work to annual reports, and are an important support and sounding board for other entities within Holtab.

The day-to-day operation of Holtab’s IT systems is outsourced to an external company, so our IT technicians can focus on development projects, as well as adaptations to the systems and platforms we are currently working on. In both finance and IT, we strive to find digital and smart solutions for managing different tasks.



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