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Holtab helps talent to grow

Holtab helps talent to grow

Continuously seeking new possibilities is a guiding principle at Holtab. That applies equally to the company’s business operations, to the way in which it treats its staff and how it supports the society in which it operates.

For many years, Holtab has partnered the Academy of Music & Business in order to support local activities in its home town of Tingsryd but also to identify and give feedback to Sweden’s new generation of entrepreneurs.

“Our various forms of sponsorship are enormously important for our brand image and will certainly increase in future, points out Holtab’s owner and chairman Anders Holmberg. It’s particularly important to work with people who share the values we aim to support.”

Football talent

Amanda Persson is one such person. Anders Holmberg sees her as a football version of champion skier Stina Nilsson – a positive, happy and constructive individual who is always looking ahead.

The cooperation with Amanda and her home club Växjö DFF began in summer 2015. Holtab had been a minor sponsor of the club in various ways for some time, but that summer a discussion arose about an extended partnership.

“That made me think of Amanda. I had seen her play and realised just what a whirlwind she was. Fast, resilient and phenomenal in the way she crossed balls into the box for her strikers,” says Anders.

But the most amazing thing about Amanda was another characteristic. She never liked losing the ball! If anyone took it from her, she just caught up with her opponent, won the ball back and continued the attack she had just started. That made an impression on Holmberg.

Today Amanda plays with the highest division team, Vittsjö, but the partnership with her and with Växjö DFF has continued.

“It’s great fun to sponsor VDFF, which has had a fantastic record. The team is in the top division and won the second division title in 2017 in impressive style. I am pleased that we were privileged to be involved in a small way and feel that this is a fantastic team on many counts.”

Local work

Holtab’s ambition with its CSR work is to assume active social responsibility and contribute to a dynamic local society. In this way, value is created for its staff and local club and cultural activities are supported.

“We mostly support activities in our local area, whose obvious centre is Tingsryd municipality. Sometimes this extends to adjacent municipalities in the south-west region,” adds Holtab’s CEO Patrik Persson

In the first place, this local support is directed at associations, but may also, as in the case of Amanda, involve individuals. Amanda also thinks it’s wonderful to be sponsored.

“I was naturally tremendously happy when Holtab wanted to work with me, says Amanda. It’s rather unusual that we girls get this kind of attention, so it feels just brilliant.”

Global work

Holtab’s strong social commitment involves all its employees, the company’s management, board and owners. It’s important to continuously look for new opportunities. On the global scene too, Holtab has an active CSR programme, not least in Nepal, where several projects have been run in succession. You can find more information here on these various projects.


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