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Reliable power supply for Sweden’s biggest racecourse

Reliable power supply for Sweden’s biggest racecourse

Bro Galopp enjoyed its first race meet on 1 June 2016, a little over two years after construction of the racecourse began. Holtab’s products operate behind the scenes to guarantee a reliable power supply.

Göran Lundstedt is project manager at Otera Ratel and had the job of ensuring – among many other tasks – that the power supply for the racecourse was successfully installed. When he sat at the first planning meeting, he decided to contact his proven partner Holtab and look into the possibility of buying a number of products for the project.

“I’ve worked with Holtab on several occasions over the years and knew that their substations could well be a good alternative for us. But during the first meeting when we discussed the scope of the project, it emerged that they had a complete concept that suited us perfectly. It was truly a match made in heaven,” remarks Lundstedt.

Anders Haglund and Tobias Fäldt were Holtab’s salesman and project manager respectively for the job and ensured that all requirements and wishes as regards the power supply were satisfied.

“Irrespective of whether they wanted a turnkey product for immediate installation or a product to integrate into their new operations building, we came up with the right solutions for them. We also supplied the monitoring and control systems with the associated server,” comments Fäldt.

As Holtab assumed full responsibility for the power supply, Otera had to deal with only a single supplier rather than several with different products. Holtab undertook to deliver the products irrespective of the required voltage level or mode of installation.

“I was very pleased to get direct help with the design aspect, and my commissioning colleagues commented several times during the course of the project how great it was to work with Holtab’s products as ‘you know there will never be any problems’,” recalls Lundstedt.

One of the biggest challenges facing the Bro Galopp project was that it was affected by outside circumstances. Schedules sometimes had to be revised when some parts of the facility had to be ready quicker than planned, and even here the customer was pleased with Holtab’s efforts.

“It’s always the case with projects of this kind that they are extremely dependent on all suppliers being on their toes and willing to make greater efforts than one might normally expect. Holtab succeeded on every count, sometimes delivering ahead of schedule, and I see that as a great strength of the company,” comments Lundstedt.

The original time period extended over the third and fourth quarter of 2015, but as the racecourse expanded during the construction period, several products were added during the project. The last delivery left Holtab at the end of March 2016, but another transformer station is likely to be delivered in 2017.

“The collaboration with Otera Ratel has worked really well. They set up a requirement specification for the equipment and we agreed on delegation of the tasks with them taking care of all installations and project planning on site, while we focused on our prefabricated solutions,” says Fäldt.


What Holtab delivered to Bro Galopp
Holtab assumed full responsibility for the power supply and delivered products with different voltage levels and modes of installation. The company supplied a receiving station with its associated low-voltage switchgear and substations according to the following specifications:

  • Two transformers – cast resin type 1,600 kVA 22 kV
  • Two transformer cages of type Holtab CMS.
  • One medium-voltage switchgear unit of type Xiria-E, 9-compartment with Vamp 57 energy-metering relay protection and communication.
  • One 24 kV metering cabinet – built by Holtab of type MIA 24 with the associated prefabricated 24 kV cabling.
  • Two low-voltage switchgear units of type Holtab CMS, 2,500 A Form 4A with energy-metering power switches and communication.
  • One control cabinet with a panel PC for displaying the installation status, operating the switches, monitoring energy use and handling alarms.
  • Five conductor/arc monitors for the entire 400 V installation.
  • One server PC for the monitoring environment with Citect.
  • The overriding configuration and commissioning of the control and monitoring equipment.

For electrical distribution around the racecourse:

  • Six transformer kiosks with medium-voltage switchgear, low-voltage switchgear, an IT room and a transformer room.
  • Two different sizes of oil-insulated transformers, 1,250 kVA and 800 kVA .
  • Medium-voltage switchgear of the Xiria type with fault detection, energy metering and communication.
  • Low-voltage switchboard of the Holtab HMS type with communication.
  • A heated and insulated IT room with ventilation, containing PLCs, gateways and switches.

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