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Working with Tesla on new innovations

Working with Tesla on new innovations

Holtab has supplied several customised substations to Tesla, fully adapted to their supercharger concept. The aim is to promote the development of products for the charging infrastructure of tomorrow.

The collaboration between Holtab and Tesla began in 2015, and the first deliveries of substations were made in early 2016. This is an ongoing partnership with regular deliveries of stations equipped with medium-voltage networks, metering cabinets for charging and transformers adapted to the supercharger units.

“Holtab has performed a key role thanks to our great expertise on the demands grid operators place on connected consumers. That meant we could act as a link between Tesla and these operators. We were able to handle the requirements made on fast deliveries, which enabled an ever faster expansion of the charging infrastructure within a wider perspective,” says Mattias Hansson, a salesman at Holtab.

In-depth cooperation

Christian Marcus is Regional Manager Nordics for Tesla’s Vehicle Charging division. Holtab already made a good impression on him four years ago when the two companies started their very first discussions.

“Our first contact was back in 2013, when Holtab’s Danish sales office got in touch with us. At that time, we didn’t buy our own transformers, but when we began doing that and wanted to enter the Swedish market, we contacted Holtab as well as some other suppliers. We subsequently decided to intensify our partnership with Holtab.”

Marcus describes the collaboration as solution-oriented and says that Holtab keeps to its promises and always delivers on time.

“They have a good communicative structure, are fast and highly capable in what they do. I am very satisfied with our partnership.”


Integrated concept for the future

Holtab’s overall aim is naturally to satisfy Tesla’s project-specific requirements, but also to learn more about the development of solutions within e-mobility in order to ultimately become a leading supplier of products within this sector.

“At Holtab, our core values are knowledge service and cooperation. The work we have done and are still doing with Tesla is based completely on these values. Together we have created a customised integrated concept for the future,” notes Hansson.

The products which have been delivered so far were substations and transformers for Tesla’s expanding infrastructure of fast-charging stations. But what the future has in store for us is anyone’s guess. Developments in e-mobility are moving at a fast pace, and Marcus feels that operators will be facing a series of diverse challenges.

“Holtab’s aim is to continue to develop good products. But continuing to deliver switchgear and transformers and even trying to sell charging infrastructure technology is of course their call. However, they are currently making a really good contribution to these developments.”

“I believe that we must go further and think about capacities and power balances within the electrical power sector as a whole. Although the Nordic network distribution system works really well, I’m sure we’ll see many new solutions in the future, such as within local storage or energy generation via solar cell solutions. As more e-cars are used in Sweden, smarter technology solutions will have to be developed.”

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