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Holtab deliver technical buildings to the Danish railway

Holtab deliver technical buildings to the Danish railway

The electrification of the Danish railway network is in full swing. In total, the task consists of electrification of nine railway lines or the equivalent of 1362 kilometers of railway.

– It is a ”design and build” project, where you have to make all the overhead lines on the tracks, the complicated transformer stations and the control house. We just described the project in rather general terms, and then it was up to the contractor – in this case Siemens – to choose this solution, Henrik Vikkelgaard, Banedanmark, says.

Siemens chose Holtab to supply all of the technical buildings, that function as switchers between the electricity supply and the trains. A choice that Holtab is both proud of and happy about.

– At Holtab, we are proud to deliver to the electrification project in Denmark, and we have learned a lot in our factory about how to make these technical buildings, which we can also use elsewhere, Ebbe Klarskov, Country Manager at Holtab.

– Something that has been of great importance to us at Holtab, and which we feel we have received, is an openness from Siemens. A willingness to say: ”We have a project. We need it resolved in the best way. Can you help us with that?”. And then we came up with some ideas.


”Running impeccably”

One of the things that makes Holtab´s technical buildings unique is that they are assembled at their workshop in Sweden and then delivered to site.

– The process is that we build the buildings, get Siemens equipment to the Holtab facility and build it into them there. We deliver two individual buildings that are put together and completed here on site. It has the advantage that all the components and wiring, there are a lot of wires inside such a building, can be put together under controlled conditions in a nice and dry workshop. It is better than standing outside in the Danish rainy climate and doing that kind of relatively complicated thing, Ebbe Klarskov says.

– The feedback we have received from Siemens and Banedanmark, is that the buildings that have been installed and tested are running impeccably and they are very happy with them. It has been a really good collaboration to make these buildings succeed, he continues.


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