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A total concept for solar parks

A total concept for solar parks

European Energy AS now operates 65 onshore wind farms and 29 solar parks in Denmark. Together they generate clean energy to meet the needs of more than 370,000 Danish consumers. Holtab has been an appreciated partner for many years.

Renewable energy is a major business area for Holtab, and customised solutions such as distribution stations, transformer stations, feeder cabinets and SCADA buildings are offered to the market.

“But I would say that we are a sparring partner rather than a supplier, says Ebbe Klarskov, Country Manager for Holtab Denmark. The groundwork for a good job is laid via a dialogue and exchange of our experience and know-how, which is why we always work closely with our customers in both small and large projects.”

Some three years ago, Holtab changed its business strategy with its contacts with wind and solar contractors. The company had identified a greater need for help than just to supply products. How the electricity was to be connected to the national grids turned out to be a complex question for contractors who wish to build wind farms and solar parks.

“In many cases, highly motivated contractors are willing to invest a lot of money in renewable energy solutions, but they lack expertise in electrical engineering. They get bogged down with connection problems and even with the charge metering of the grid operators, which can vary considerably,” explains Klarskov.

That’s why Holtab chose to develop a total concept comprising a package of products, contacts with the public authorities and the grid operators, connections and customised solutions for charge metering.

“Our strength in these projects is that we handle all aspects and offer the relevant expertise, that we have established partnerships with other suppliers such as ABB and Schneider and that we even act as electricity consultants. This saves a lot of time and money for our customers,” says Klarskov.

Poul Jacobsen is Senior Project Manager at European Energy AS and has worked together with Holtab for more than three years in that capacity. He is very satisfied with the result.

“Apart from assuring the high quality of its products, Holtab is really good at communicating. It is easy to discuss various solutions, and the project manager is informed about the production process at all times. I can call them and get straight answers at any time.”

To work continuously with system optimisations is another aspect that is important for European Energy. Jacobsen appreciates Holtab’s ongoing commitment to finding good solutions.

“I think the fact that we can work together on further development is testimony to the strength of our great cooperation. Holtab is good at suggesting relevant optimisations and is highly responsive to our ideas.”

Holtab has supplied three different types of stations to European Energy. This has been an extensive project which involved cooperation with both Schneider and ABB.

“All delivery and assembly work is done at our factory in Tingsryd. So our customers can be sure that Holtab guarantees all steps from customer meeting to production to delivery. Our factory in Tingsryd essentially remains at the heart of the whole process.”


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