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Technical buildings from Holtab to citybanan in Stockholm

Technical buildings from Holtab to citybanan in Stockholm

A 6-km commuter train tunnel with two new stations has doubled rail capacity and facilitates transfers between commuter trains and the underground, as well as saving commuters many precious minutes.


When the Stockholm City Line (Citybanan) project is completely finished, a quarter of a million commuters will use the new Stockholm City commuter station every day. It will then replace Stockholm’s Central Station for commuter traffic and is located 45 metres directly below the main station (T-Central).


Subcontractor for Goodtech

Goodtech was awarded the contract by Citybanan to deliver 44 technical buildings for electricity, signalling and telecom systems, including 11 substations. Goodtech, which has extensive experience in many infrastructure projects, has already finished a job at Stockholm South to prepare the railway there for connection to the new railway tunnel. Goodtech opted to work with Holtab as subcontractor for the technical buildings.

“Holtab was a supplier to us earlier and did a good job,” says Gunnar Hammarström, customer liaison manager for railways at Goodtech.


Goodtech was awarded the contract for Citybanan by public procurement, which always makes tough demands on both suppliers and their subcontractors.

“It is particularly important for public procurements to have a subcontractor who understands the specifications and assumes responsibility to comply with them. Holtab is capable both as regards deliveries and flexibility in a way that the dynamics of our project demand,” continues Hammarström.

A brilliant partnership

The partnership between Holtab and Goodtech began when the companies made contact at the Elfack trade fair in 2011.

“We first received a smaller assignment from Goodtech that went well. We now have a really brilliant partnership and a dialogue in which we agree on who should do what for a project to be as cost-effective as possible,” explains Lennart Sandberg, salesman at Holtab.

The technical buildings for Citybanan were delivered in 2015, and Holtab, who had taken a strategic decision to become market leader in railway products, immediately got another contract with Goodtech for the rail tunnel through Hallandsåsen.

“It seems that Goodtech likes our way of working on the basis of our core values of knowledge, service and cooperation” says Sandberg.

“We see Holtab as being service-minded and solution-oriented,” concludes Hammarström.

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