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Technical buildings for the tunnels under Hallandsåsen

Technical buildings for the tunnels under Hallandsåsen

Two 8.7 kilometre parallel railway tunnels have been built to increase the traffic capacity over Hallandsåsen. As a subcontractor to our partner Goodtech – just like the assignment for the Stockholm City Line (Citybanan) – Holtab delivered a large number of substations and technical buildings.

One of our partners, Goodtech, won the contract to assume full responsibility for assuring the power supply along the route from Båstad N to Forslöv, which runs through the tunnels in Hallandsåsen. In view of our earlier successful partnerships with the City Tunnel in Stockholm and Gothenburg’s Central Station, it was only natural for us to also deliver our products to this gigantic project.



“It goes without saying that we wanted to use Holtab for Hallandsåsen. They are a highly competent company with good products and a reliable delivery record. After all, we already had several similar projects behind us and they are able to handle and follow-up all the requirements and specifications from public procurement projects of this magnitude,” says Lars Sandholm at Goodtech.

“What I personally greatly appreciated about Holtab was their flexibility. We naturally had to depart from the original specifications in the course of the project, as is always the case with such a large job, and Holtab’s ability to respond creatively to new situations is very satisfying,” says Sandholm.

The tunnels in Hallandsåsen comprise two 8.7 km single-track tunnels linked by a total of nineteen transverse tunnels. As a subcontractor, Holtab, exactly as with the City Tunnel, undertook to deliver a large number of substations and technical buildings.

“As specialists in transformer stations, technical buildings and distribution stations, we delivered our prefabricated technical buildings, substations and satellite stations, as well as switchgear and transformers to the project,” says Michael Fohlin, Holtab’s project manager.


What Holtab delivered for the project at Hallandsåsen
Four technical buildings placed in the tunnel
Seven technical buildings placed outside the tunnel
One complete substation placed in the tunnel
Three complete substations placed outside the tunnel
Two complete distribution stations placed outside the tunnel
Three medium-voltage switchgear units placed in the tunnel
Three transformers placed in the tunnel

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