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Mobile power for Vattenfall's customers

Mobile power for Vattenfall's customers

Vattenfall Elanläggningar AB has been a business partner of Holtab for many years, with a record of several successful projects. One project, which started in autumn 2014 and still ongoing, concerns the delivery of mobile transformer stations that Vattenfall Elanläggningar offers its end customers.


Vattenfall Elanläggningar AB’s “Complete electrical installation” concept comprises several parts, including managing the power supply and delivering an integrated offer to its end customers for a fixed charge. This naturally also includes securing all procedures with standby power.

“We were looking for a flexible, mobile solution that could be used within new projects as well as in the event of one of our customers’ installations breaking down. And we discovered that Holtab had solutions that would work even if they needed to be adapted to our specific requirements,” says Anders Tollén, business developer at Vattenfall Elanläggningar AB.

They were actually looking for larger and more complex solutions than those which Holtab had so far supplied. The precondition was to find stations that would work together with a sufficient number of applications, so Vattenfall Elanläggningar asked Holtab to examine possible solutions to suit their needs.

“After looking around the market, we realised that Holtab did indeed have all the preconditions to meet our requirements. They asked us to specify our needs and requirements, which we did and passed on to their representatives,” recalls Tollén.

After the requirements specification, the companies met on several occasions to discuss various solutions. Up to now, they agreed to develop three different versions, two of which were delivered in 2015 and 2016. The largest model, the TGS2500, was finally installed in spring 2017.

“We placed really tough demands on the products. Not only on the quality and capacity of the transformers, but also on the physical dimensions of the stations and all the safety aspects that such a delivery involves,” says Tollén.

The original idea was to find flexible solutions that could be lifted with the transformers already inside. It was also important to reduce the external dimensions, as well as self-quenching functionality, good grounding and a large number of cooling and fan functions.

“I must say I was impressed by Holtab’s responsiveness to our wishes. The fact is that they delivered precisely the product we wanted with excellent quality. They were also good at handling requirements which emerged after the deliveries for various reasons, such as when we needed a different trip coil than the one we had ordered for the switchgear. They immediately sent personnel who sorted out our additional needs on site,” says Tollén.

Holtab’s Mattias Hansson was responsible for the sale and says that this was a highly successful project.

“When a temporary connection is required, our products offer a flexible solution. We have what is needed irrespective of whether it concerns a longer project or a shorter job – the equipment and experience as well as a knowledge of the grid operator’s requirements. We are simply experts at implementing adaptations to meet a customer’s specific requirements.”

“Vattenfall Elanläggningar AB sought products that could be quickly connected and easily moved as required. We could satisfy this thanks to our clearly thought-out solutions,” says Hansson.

Holtab’s mobile transformer stations are supplied complete with a fully assembled transformer. To satisfy various requirements, the stations offer several flexible solutions for aspects such as sealing and cable ducts.


Vattenfall’s customers often run projects requiring a mobile transformer station in areas not yet connected to the grid. To solve this problem and be able to offer fast standby power, Vattenfall has ordered several mobile transformer stations from Holtab.

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