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Making that extra effort...

Holtab is a successful business in many ways, but we don't rest on our laurels. It also matters to us that we shoulder a broad social responsibility of the kind summarized in the CSR concept, i.e. Corporate Social Responsibility. Among other things CSR includes social initiatives, efforts to reduce our environmental impact, investments in diversity, employee wellness and skills development.

We simply like to do more than the law and contracts demand and make that extra effort. And we're convinced that doing business responsibly pays off in the long run in profitability, relations with the surrounding world, employee motivation and more besides.

So here's a real hands-on example of what CSR is – how Holtab took the initiative to bring electricity to Jyamrung, a little, poverty-stricken mountain village in Nepal. 

CSR is a guiding light in Holtab's day-to-day work and it was the underlying principal throughout the project. We took responsibility for the development of a sustainable, long-term electrical supply at the local level in close collaboration with the villagers and in doing so we laid important – nay, vital – foundations for local development and improved

living conditions.

We also shoulder financial responsibility for our employee’s trips to Nepal, where they are able to contribute with their electrical supply expertise, establish personal contacts and also follow up the project on site.

We work together with the Tuki Nepal Society Sweden – a non-profit, politically and religiously independent association with good contacts in Nepal.


Watch the video "Electricity to Jyamrung"
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You can download a leaflet about the electricity project in Nepal.