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Low voltage switchboard CMS

Holtab AB offers customers modular, well-documented, modern switchboards based on CUBIC switchboard systems. The modular system provides full freedom of choice regarding electrical components and great flexibility of width, height and depth, which means the switchboard can be adapted to suit the installation site. The switchboards are of extremely high quality and tested according to IEC/EN 60439-1 and can also be verified according to IEC/EN 61439-2.



We offer first-class switchboard solutions for every imaginable requirement, such as:


• main and distribution switchgear

• service switchboards

• motor Control Centres MCC

• marine switchboards

• draw-out switchgear (Multi Drawer )

• distribution centres.



We have inserts available for most switches on the market, and type-tested connections are achieved by utilizing Cu-flex, CUBIC's patented flexible copper busbars that are easy to use with different makes of component.


Because of the switchboard's modular construction it's possible to combine fixed units and draw-out/removable cassettes in the same rack. Choose between conventional technology with fuse load break switches or fuse-free circuit breaker technology of fixed or plug-in design.



Today, many customers demand sophisticated solutions in addition to pure electrical distribution. There is increasing demand for functions such as metering of outgoing groups, grid analysis, earth fault monitoring, alarm management, arc fault monitors and remote control via control system nodes or bus solutions.


Today's modern circuit breakers, multi-metering and relay protection also improve the ability to achieve a complete overview of an electrical installation cheaply and simply from any location via web-based functions.


We see no limits to what our switchboards can offer and we already have solutions for much of the above and look forward to meeting the market's wishes and demands.



Holtab CMS provides optional separation from FORM 1 to 4 and thus optimal operational safety and reliability in full compliance with IEC/EN 61439 and customer requirements. It's possible to carry out visual and thermographic inspections of busbar joints after switchboard installation and commissioning.


Tests and certifications

As accredited switchboard manufacturers we have undergone extensive education and training in order to achieve a uniformly high level of guaranteed quality.


Because CUBIC places great emphasis on operation reliability and safety it regularly carries out the additional tests that the market demands such as earthquake, shock and arc fault tests. CUBIC's products are tested and/or type approved by the world's most prominent certification institutes.

Technical data


Electro-galvanized/iron-phosphated steel sheet



Light grey RAL 7035 powder coated 60-80 μm


Busbar systems

Systems 225, 2000 and 7000


System earthing

TN-C, TN-S, TN-C-S, TT and IT


Internal separation

FORM 1, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b and FORM 4 type 1-7


Multi drawer

Up to 630 A/220 kW AC3, Icc up to 120 kA


Electromagnetic compatibility

EMC environment 1, 2 and # 1 and 2


Type tests

According to IEC/EN 60439-1

Design verification
Enligt IEC/EN 61439-2


Rated current

Up to 8750 A


Dielectric strength

3.5 kV


Rated short time withstand current

Up to 120 kA 1s


Rated peak withstand current

Up to 264 kA


Rated insulation voltage

1000 V AC


Rated operational voltage

Up to 1000 V, 50 Hz


Protection class

Up to IP54


Vibration test

2 G in the frequency range 2.5-500 Hz in three directions


Shock test

30 G for 12.5 ms in six directions


Seismic test

Earthquake test carried out with biaxial horizontal and vertical multi-frequency movements


Arc fault test

Type B assembly according to IEC 61641 and AS/NZS 3439.1


Surface treatment

Tropical test ISO 6270, class C2 high, according to ISO 12944  


You can download manuals and our product catalogue in PDF format:


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