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Master Thesis – Model for generating the climate impact of prefabricated power distribution systems

Master Thesis – Model for generating the climate impact of prefabricated power distribution systems

The challenge

The transition to green energy is needed to combat climate change. As a designer and manufacturer of prefabricated systems for power distribution Holtab is committed to building products that enables this transition.

The anticipation of project developers in the green energy sector is that the materials and manufacturing of the sourced systems for power distribution is climate neutral. To meet these expectations the climate impact of these products needs to be reduced. A part of this challenge is to develop a model for measuring their carbon footprint.

The goal of this thesis project is to investigate methods of accurately and efficiently measuring the carbon footprint of prefabricated systems for power distribution.

The work will include:

  • Breaking down products into smaller components, materials and operations
  • Researching methods of calculating the carbon footprint of the ingoing components
  • Build and test a model for summarizing the carbon footprint of ingoing components into one figure for the whole system

About you

You’re one or two motivated individuals with an interest in sustainability and power systems. You quickly familiarize yourself with new software. We believe that you’re in your final year of your MSc in Industrial Ecology, Sustainable Energy Systems, Quality and Operations, Supply Chain or similar

Project Start: Spring semester 2023

Place: Remotely or at one of our offices in Kungsbacka or Tingsryd Sweden

Credits (ECTS): 30 

Students per group: 1-2 


Curious to know more?

If you have any questions about the thesis, don’t hesitate to contact our head of development, Peter Borgström at +46 (0)705750780 or peter.borgstrom@holtab.se or HR Pernilla Sundén at +46 (0)70480031 or pernilla.sunden@holtab.se.


Apply through holtab.se

If you find the challenge interesting, you’re welcome with your application. The deadline for applications is 2022-11-30.

Plats för utveckling Vi utvecklar och levererar kundanpassade lösningar inom kraftöverföring. Det är många byggstenar som ger oss styrka och grunden är löftet som står tillsammans med vårt varumärke – kunskap, service och samarbete. Med dessa löften som utgångspunkt utförs vårt kundorienterade arbete, från start till leverans till uppföljning. Hjärtat i verksamheten är fabriken i Tingsryd. Det är här vi producerar produkter som transformatorstationer, teknikhus och lågspänningsställverk. I över 40 år har vi tillsammans med våra kunder inom energi, industri och infrastruktur tagit fram helhetslösningar för dagens och morgondagens behov av kraftöverföring.


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Do you want to know more, contact

Pernilla Sundén

Pernilla Sundén

HR Manager

+46 70-148 00 30


Peter Borgström

Peter Borgström

Head of Product Development

+46 70-575 07 80