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HMS or CMS Switchgear – This makes all the difference

HMS or CMS Switchgear – This makes all the difference

The demand for low voltage switchgear is high, and each customer has their own unique requirements. Holtab currently offers two different products. In this article, we describe the main differences between the company’s classic CMS switchgear and the new HMS servicing switchgear.

More and more people are in need of quick and affordable low voltage switchgear that takes up the least possible space. Holtab has therefore recently broadened its offering and supplemented its robust and popular CMS switchgear with new, slightly lighter servicing switchgear based on its own modular system HMS.

– It’s important to find the best solution for every setup. We have always built flexible switchgear that is both personal and reliable. We’re now adding a product of excellent value that’s also compact and modern, says Anders Haglund, Sales Engineer at Holtab.


HMS is suitable for light industries or commercial buildings where space-efficient solutions are important, while it simultaneously lends itself to easy supplementation with additional groups should the plant expand.

– We’ve supplied the HMS servicing switchgear as a solution for connecting a food store, among others. It took up half as much space as the previous cabinet-based solution and we were able to design the enclosure externally to fit the façade. There are many old switchgear that could be replaced by an HMS servicing switchgear, says Anders, who has helped to draw up the requirement specification for this product.


Built in an HMS enclosure, the servicing switchgear is a modern complement to robust CMS switchgear. Both are manufacturer-independent and provide the customer with maximum freedom when it comes to choosing affordable, user-friendly and established suppliers of switches and the like. This is something they often require of the same brand in other centres within the property with regard to selectivity, servicing and spare parts management.

– Since we’re independent of any manufacturer, we’re not chained to a specific supplier. This flexibility offers us unique freedom, he says.



CMS is a solid switchgear that is suitable for heavy and energy-intensive industry, as well as for public buildings and hospitals. It is based on CUBIC, which is the most suitable platform on the market.

– The CMS switchgear is a tried-and-tested system and has existed for many years. We have extremely reliable subcontractors, which ensures the availability of spare parts over a long period. It has also been tested and type-approved by the world’s most recognised certification institute, which further guarantees its quality, says Anders.



Holtab’s HMS servicing switchgearis ideal for light industries and commercial operations for example, where a compact and efficient solution at a low price is required. The switchgear is manufacturer-independent and can be connected with cables both from below and above.

The customer can combine circuit breakers, fuse switches with independent manual operation and simple fuse strips on the same busbar, which is unique on the market. The switchgear takes up little space and is delivered pre-assembled. It is personal and reliable and can easily be supplemented with new groups. The switchgear also offers solutions for the energy measurement of outgoing groups.

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For example, Holtab’s CMS switchgear is well suited to large public buildings and heavy industries. It is a solid system that is resistant to moisture and dirt. The CMS is modular in design and offers full flexibility when selecting dimensions, and it is capable of producing higher rating data and more advanced technical content.

It is built on the market’s best platform CUBIC, and is available for most devices on the market. Modern circuit breakers, multi-instruments and relay protection with bus communication are personal and reliable, which increases the possibility of gaining a complete overview of the electrical installation via web-based functions, for example.

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