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Technical buildings

Holtab Modular Indoor Concept, HMIC

Holtab offers a prefabricated, cost-effective solution for technical buildings.


The building meets stringent insulation standards (Um=0.3W/m2°C), fire-resistance class EI60, corrosion class C4 and is available in safety class II. The station is robust and built entirely from non-organic materials to ensure long service life.


Stations can be delivered for setting up on blocks or concrete foundations. The concept is based on 1.2 m modules and is available in many different lengths. In addition to the standard versions it is also possible to customize stations entirely according to customer requirements with a variety of different standard choices such as doors, steps, entry roof, AC, ventilation, recessed metering cabinets.

Technical building,
no foundation

Fully insulated building with fixed floor

• Hint = 2.75 m
• Wint = 2.65 m alternativt 3.01 m
• Lext = < 13.55 m


Option, building:
• Blocks
• Skirting
• Raised floor

Technical building,
concrete foundation

Insulated building with raised floor

• Hint = 2.85 m
• Wint = 3.01 m
• Lext = < 8.75 m
• Cable compartment 0.5 m

Option, building:
• Insulated concrete base
• Transformer compartment including
  oil sump
• Docking, multiple units

Holtab technical buildings are equipped to meet customer requirements with a variety of standard options.


You can download manuals and our product catalogue in PDF format:


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