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Switching cabinet 12 kV

KMF • Drawing no. 9937
Complete drawing (PDF)

The Holtab switching cabinet is a neat little enclosure fitted with fully epoxy-resin insulated medium voltage Magnefix switchgear.


  • Equipped with Magnefix switchgear with a maximum of four switch disconnectors.
  • Smart design that simplifies cable connection.
  • The enclosure is equipped with:
    - floor membrane to prevent ground moisture intrusion
    - sealing strips in the doorway and ceiling to prevent the intrusion of dust and dirt
    - anti-condensation compound on the inner roof to prevent the formation of
      condensation and droplets.
  • Guaranteed maintenance free for 20 years.

Switching cabinets can be fitted with operating handles but no other equipment. If you wish to fit the cabinet with other equipment, there is always an opportunity to choose a larger enclosure, type connection station. Please visit our website for connection station alternatives.


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