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Smart grid and the network station of the future

We work constantly on issues related to future developments - for a company like Holtab, it's vital to plan and develop products which can function effectively for 40 years. That is why the development of smart grid is high on our agenda right now.


With the network station of the future, we've made great strides forward. It boasts more in-built intelligence, with a higher degree of measurement, control and monitoring. In addition, it features an environmental concept which makes it possible for private individuals not only to consume electricity, but also produce it. 


"The network station has been developed with a high degree of flexibility in mind, which means it can change over time and meet the future needs of society," informs Peter Ackebjer, Marketing Manager at Holtab.

The discussion about smart grid and the network station of the future is set to continue - Holtab always produces its best solutions in partnership with its customers.

We welcome you to give your feedback and ideas about smart grid!

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