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Sheet steel transformer stations

As a Holtab customer you are not obliged to use any specific make of medium voltage or low voltage equipment. You choose how you would like your stations fitted out. Air-insulated medium-voltage voltage switchgear may be suitable in some circumstances, while RMU switchgear is preferable in others. The important thing is that as our customer you are confident in your choice of technology.

Because personal safety is one of our most important guiding principles our stations are tested according to the new transformer station standard IEC 62271-202.

Examples of tests performed are:

  • electric arc test, types A and B
  • temperature rises
  • protection class
  • mechanical strength
  • earthing configuration.

Regarding earthing configurations, we can provide our transformer stations with both earthing rails and frame earthing where the transformer station enclosure is used as an earth electrode. In order to verify the design of our transformer stations in respect of frame earthing, they were tested to IEC standards.

Examples of exterior for some sheet steel transformer stations

Sheet steel transformer stations


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We always seek for the the most tasteful and practical solution possible in each individual case. Look at some examples of exterior design.
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