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Series connected transformer station

A number of equipment alternatives are available for our TSS 200 series-connected transformer stations.


  • OWIII 10/6-1 switch disconnector which, according to tests, can handle operations from an unloaded transformer from 50 kVA to 200 kVA. This alternative makes shielding in the switch disconnector possible.
  • An alternative to the switch disconnector is three single-pole fuse holders.
  • One, two or three connectors, bar connector or tube-connectors, with ball stud earth for the incoming cable.
  • Low voltage busbar of chosen manufacture.
  • Shielding in the switch disconnector possible.

The station is arc fault tested according to substation standard IEC 62271-202 type A and B.


Can be delivered with installed transformer, max. 200 kVA.

Example of medium voltage equipment; three connectors and installed shield.
TSS 200. Exterior (left), low voltage space (middle) and installed transformer from factory (right).
TSS 200, 12 kV • Drawing no. 9771 • EBR.SS23
TSS 200, 24 kV • Drawing no. 9921
• EBR.SS23
TSK 315-1S+2L, 12 kV • Drawing no. 10044 • EBR.SS33
TSS 200-3K, 24 kV • Drawing no. 9948
• EBR.SS23


You can download manuals and our product catalogue in PDF format:


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