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I would like to begin by thanking everyone who visited our stand at the Elfack trade fair in Gothenburg last spring. I’m happy to say many expressed an interest in Holtab’s solutions, especially regarding our thoughts on smart grids.

Feedback from our customers is invaluable as it helps us make constant improvements and always remain one step ahead, so we’re looking forward to visiting customers old and new to continue the discussion.

In this issue of [name] you can read about two of the areas we work in, industry and wind power. Holtab has delivered a converter station to Hjuleberg, where Vattenfall is building a wind farm. As an Elcom supplier we have equipped an automotive factory with all of the parts that make up a switchgear installation.

Although these assignments are both similar and dissimilar in nature, they typify Holtab’s work, and in each case we arrived at the best solution by working with the customer. In the case of the converter station, design and production took place at our factory in Tingsryd, as did tests and inspections. In the other case, the components for the switchgear installation were assembled by Elcom.

So now we’re looking forward to an exciting autumn with newly recruited employees to boost our competence levels. We will also be present at two trade fairs: Nordic Rail at Elmia in Jönköping and Vind 2013 at Stockholm Waterfront.

Hoping to see you again!
Peter Ackebjer
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