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Further education gave Markus a career boost

When Markus began contemplating going back to school he prepared himself to take a leave of absence, but that was before he discussed the subject with Arne Tinggren. Suddenly he had the opportunity to study and work at the same time.

"I came to Tingsryd from Älmhult to play ice hockey, and in 2001 I began working for Holtab," says Markus.


After a spell working in the paint shop he moved on to assembly, but over time his thoughts about further education began to take shape.


"Everything is getting more advanced, so know-how and training are essential," he says.


Industrial switchgear was relatively new to Holtab, and the idea of working as an industrial electrician attracted Markus. He looked around for a suitable course and prepared himself to take a leave of absence.


"But when I talked to Arne Tinggren it turned out that the company had another solution. I began a correspondence course in Sundsvall and in 15 months I only needed to take 30 days off for travel and exams," continues Markus.


New challenges

Meanwhile Markus worked full time at Holtab, and he does not see combining work and studies in this way as a disadvantage.


"In some ways there was an advantage in working full time with the very thing I was studying. It was also good fun, and that always makes things easier."


Markus finished his studies in October 2012 and was able to begin working as an industrial electrician, but by March he had already moved to become an order processor.


"I benefit from my studies as an order processor too, since I work with industrial switchgear, among other things. The job involves sitting down more, but that's something you get used to."


Markus appreciates the chance of further education and the opportunity for self-improvement in the company, and concludes:


"You have to put something in yourself to get something out."

The ambition is to raise proficiency levels

Raising the level of professional expertise among employees is an important issue for Holtab, but exactly how we will achieve this in not yet fully clear.


"We have taken various kinds of initiative over the years. We've purchased theory courses using instructors on site here at Holtab; we've provided our employees with support for training courses and we've held several internal courses using instructors from our own personnel and from suppliers. Put simply, we need to get better at this," observes production manager Arne Tinggren.


Everything to gain, nothing to lose

Naturally, one way of raising the level of electrical proficiency within the company would be to recruit more qualified electricians, however, Holtab is committed to raising the level of expertise in the existing workforce.


"Markus Svensson showed initiative when he took charge of his own further education and, following a discussion, company management decided to support him without asking anything in return. He completed his course with flying colours," Arne Tinggren tells us.


Markus Svensson's initiative triggered the company into thinking about how it could encourage more people to show similar enterprise. While other alternatives are also being tried one thing remains clear; everyone who feels the urge to better himself at Holtab has every opportunity to do so.

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