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Not everything comes prefabricated in Holtab’s world

Low voltage switchboard CMS

Holtab often acts as a sub-supplier, e.g. to electrical contractor Elcom from Blekinge, Sweden. The two companies had previously worked together on a contract for Kockums in Karlskrona, and their latest joint project concerns the production of a switchgear installation for a customer in southeastern Sweden.


"We enjoy working together with expert suppliers, and ours is a partnership that works well. We solve any technical problems together," Arne Eriksson from Elcom tells us.


This kind of assignment is not uncommon at Holtab, even though we usually deliver fully prefabricated solutions comprising switchgear and transformers in buildings of different sizes and varying technical content.


"But quite often we also deliver unassembled units," explains Anders Haglund from Holtab.

Customized solutions

In this assignment Holtab selected materials based on its experience and on the end customer's tender documentation.


"Sometimes get a complete requirement specification from the customer, and other times we make proposals based on the customer's needs. In this case there is a complete requirement specification," continues Anders Haglund.


The installation currently being delivered for assembly by Elcom consists, among other things, of four 400V, 3200A switchboards and the same number of 22/0.42kV, 2MVA cast resin transformers.


"The fact that our collaboration with Holtab makes special solutions much easier to achieve is a great advantage. Many major suppliers only have their own standard concepts," says Arne Eriksson.


The end customer is also pleased with Holtab's work.


"It's all worked out great. They meet high technical standards and are reliable. Their stuff works and it's put together by pros. I have nothing but good to say about Holtab," he declares.

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