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New to Holtab –
Michael Johansson

Michael Johansson

On October 1, Holtab was able to welcome Project Manager Michael Johansson, who joined the company from a position as electrical engineer with Karlshamns Energi AB.
How does it feel to “change sides”?
“Exciting. It’s a new challenge. I’ve always worked in the power supply industry and I’ve been a Holtab customer ever since I began work, so I feel at home with the products.”
What does a project manager do?
“He takes over once the sales staff have concluded a deal and makes sure that promises made are also kept regarding both the product and project timing. Up until now I’ve been learning the ropes and I’ve had the opportunity to participate in production. It was interesting to meet people in every part of the company. The intention is for me to work primarily on industrial projects.”
So will you move to Tingsryd now?
“I live in Hallabro in north Blekinge just 17 km from Tingsryd, which is quite close. Much closer than my last job!”

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