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Low voltage switchboard HMS

The Holtab HMS (Holtab Module System) is a modular enclosure system with installed busbars. The installation method allows wall attachment and/or free standing e.g. on a raised floor.

The flexibility inherent in the HMS system means that the switchboard can be designed to suit physical conditions in the existing space or to various requirements regarding the components and devices included.

We install switchgear from the following manufacturers as standard: Kabeldon, CEWE, Fastline, Slimline, Jean Müller IP20 and DIN.

The switchgear can be equipped with outgoing groups of types:

• fuse switch disconnectors, fuse size 000–3
• fuse load break switch, fuse size 000–3
• load break switch, 400–630 A
• circuit breaker, 125–1600 A. 

Rated insulation voltage: Ui 1000 V
Rated voltage: Ue 690 V, 50 Hz

Load capacity: 400–3200 A

Short circuit strength:
Rated short time withstand current: 40 kA, 50 kA, 63 kA
Rated peak withstand current: 84 kA, 105 kA, 137 kA

Protection class: IP20

Standards and regulations
Fulfils applicable parts of

• SS-EN 61 439 

Specification Holtab HMS

Standard dimensions
Combined version
Connections are available in different versions:

• Connection above
• Connection behind
• Connection under
• Extra deep enclosure
• Top cabinet
• Raised base
• Front panel
• Covered back

Reduced EMF switchboard

In cooperation with University of Borås, School of Engineering, Holtab has developed switchboards with reduced EMF intended for location in buildings with high standards regarding low magnetic fields. Holtab's low radiation switchboard was modified to generate magnetic fields less than five per cent of that of standard market models.
KSI 2300 EMF
Tested shielding
Shielded back panel with ventilation
The graphs show 400 A single-phase and 1,200 A three-phase. Both graphs were measured 3m above ground level.
Older, other manufacturer
HOLTAB standard
HOLTAB EMC-reduced


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