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When you turn to Holtab you can expect something more than just a substation. Naturally, we build exactly what you order, but for us the preparatory work, collaboration and follow-up are at least as important. We call it the Holtab spirit and it’s a totally unique working method that turned our little family company into the industry’s top supplier.

Nothing is more fun than a really tricky design problem where I get to use all my experience from similar projects while adding the new experience I gain every day. There's a lot going on in the industry and it's great to keep up-to-date.


Gordon Gunnarsson, Technical Manager
Holtab employee since 1988


Everything we do is based on know-how. We are specialists. Because we only do one thing we’ve acquired more specialist knowledge than almost anyone else in the industry. Our fund of knowledge is almost unique in the industry and it helps us place the kind of demands on our suppliers you’d expect from a specialist. If we’re to provide you with the very best of solutions we simply have to create the best of conditions.

Sometimes there’s a great deal to do so I stay at work a while, but I like to make sure everything’s perfect. I’d prefer to tag along to make sure the installation is just as good. After all, it’s my substation.


Hans Andersson, Electrical Fitter, High Voltage
Holtab employee since 1988


Our success story is built on service. Our passion for every assignment and wholehearted dedication to projects are more than just matters of honour, they are the way we do things at Holtab. We call it the Holtab spirit; an ingrained company culture that always puts service and customer benefi t fi rst. Which is how we went from small business to industry heavyweight.

The best part of my job is the creative phase – the part I share with my customers. When I get to help with a project I grow as a person and I become part of the team. It’s like playing a great game of football.


Quote from one of Holtab's Sales engineers


At Holtab, cooperation is a working method. And it’s through cooperating with you that we achieve our best results. Although we are experts on our products, you are the experts when it comes to your business and your needs. It’s in this dialogue and exchange of knowledge that we lay the foundations for an excellent job, which is why we always like to team up with our customers on projects large and small.

You are our most important staff member

We take things further and exceed expectations in every project we carry out. While our collaborative partners and customers can be found in a wide range of businesses, power distribution is the common denominator.


For 40 years we’ve been helping customers and contractors in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe to design, build and equip transformer stations and technical buildings. We also produce low voltage switchboards and street lighting cabinets at our facilities in Tingsryd in Småland, Sweden. We have grown and evolved together with our customers and today our products, competence, level of service and collaborative flair make us unique in the marketplace.


We base our products on our fund of knowledge, we guarantee our deliveries based on our commitment to service and our relationships are founded on collaboration. We are wholly independent of suppliers in our choice of technical equipment, and are therefore able to offer extremely flexible solutions.


You can download Holtab quality, environment and safety policy, folder about the electricity project in Nepal, as well as our product catalogue: