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Delivery reliability and precision

We are a collaborative partner to several rail traffic companies and we provide specially adapted solutions for railway and tramway traffic. We supply transformer stations and technical buildings to the Swedish Transport Administration together with our partners.
Customer report Goodtech

Citybanan commuter line in Stockholm

Citybanan is currently under construction in Stockholm. It is a 6 km long commuter rail tunnel with two stations that will double railway capacity and make it easier to change between commuter trains and the metro and save commuters many precious minutes.

Technical buildings from Holtab in Tingsryd to Citybanan in Stockholm

When Citybanan is finished in 2017 a quarter of a million passengers will use the new Stockholm City commuter station every day. The new station – located 45 metres below the central metro station – will replace Stockholm Central for commuter rail traffic.

Supplier to Goodtech

Goodtech has received an order for the delivery of 44 technical buildings for electricity, signalling and telecoms, of which 11 are substations. Goodtech, which has extensive experience from most kinds of infrastructure projects, especially rail traffic, has already completed an assignment at Stockholm Södra station preparing the railway there for connection to the new rail tunnel. Goodtech chose Holtab to supply technical buildings.

Gunnar Hammarström, Goodtech

“Holtab has supplied us in the past and did a great job,” says Gunnar Hammarström, Customer Manager for Railways at Goodtech.

Goodtech was awarded the order for Citybanan through public tender, a system that always places high demands on suppliers and sub suppliers alike.

“It’s important to have suppliers who understand specifications and take the responsibility to comply with them, especially when it comes to public procurements. Holtab is good at delivering what is needed and remaining flexible in the way the dynamics of our project demand,” continues Gunnar.

Excellent collaboration

Holtab and Goodtech began working together after the companies made contact at Elfack 2011.

“The initial small assignment we received from Goodtech went well, and now we have an excellent collaboration in which we discuss who should do what for projects to be as cost effective as possible,” explains Michael Fohlin, Sales Manager for rail traffic at Holtab.

Deliveries of the Citybanan technical buildings will be completed in 2015 and Holtab – which has taken a strategic decision to be the market leader in products for rail traffic – has entered a new collaboration with Goodtech regarding the rail tunnel through the Halland Ridge.

“It would appear Goodtech likes our method of working under our watchwords know-how, service and teamwork,” declares Michael Fohlin.

“We find Holtab to be service minded and eager to find solutions,” concludes Gunnar Hammarström.
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