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Handling stations

Lifting by the roof

Upon delivery from Holtab, unless otherwise specified, stations may be lifted by attaching the crane's lifting equipment to the four lifting eyes located on the station roof. If strops are used they should be equal to station length in order to achieve the correct strop angle (for stations up to 8 m long).


Note that not all station models may be lifted with installed transformers.


Lifting by the base

The station must be lifted by lifting frame.


Using a forklift

When using a forklift, tine length must be equal to the width of the station. Heavy lifting may only be performed by suitably trained personnel with the necessary professional knowledge. It is the duty of the operator to ensure compliance with legislation and regulations. Make sure that the station roof or equipment installed in the station cannot be damaged by the lifting equipment. Only use approved, designated equipment.


Holtab is able to take care of transformer lifting during installation.


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