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Sandra preferred electricity to advertising and media

When Sandra Isacsson began work at Holtab she knew nothing about the power supply industry. That was 5 1/2 years ago. Today she works as a draughtswoman, mainly designing the outer shells of stations.

“I took a two-year course in design and product development at the vocational training school in Olofström. The principal tipped me off about the job at Holtab,” Sandra tells us.
Before that she studied IT media at John Bauer Senior High School in her hometown Karlshamn.
“Continuing my studies toward advertising and media didn’t suit me, but training in Olofström happened mostly by chance,” says Sandra.
And the fact that there are fewer than 10 women in the company doesn’t bother her.
“I love it here!”

Drawings that work

The drawings Sandra produces on her computer are sent to suppliers for manufacturing, and the parts come back to Holtab for installation. You discover if the drawings work then and there.
“That’s when you find out if you did something wrong,” laughs Sandra.
Sometimes she goes out into the workshop to get a feel for how her designs will be used, and her job also includes sticking to what suppliers are able to produce.
“It can be something as simple as bending a metal plate in a special way,” explains Sandra.

Stimulating work

Work is shared among the designers in different ways. While Sandra works mainly with Denmark, a list of current assignments is printed every morning and they are taken care of. And as soon as a drawing for an offer must be prepared, the designers take direct contact with the sales staff.
One of the things Sandra appreciates about her job is learning something new every day. If she feels she needs to gain an understanding about something, she only has to contact her boss, Peter Borgström.
“I’ve been on several courses; if you’re interested in something Peter checks if there are others with the same needs and finds out if training is available.”
The only thing that Sandra has not adopted is Holtab’s hometown Tingsryd. She still drives backwards and forwards to her home in Karlshamn, Blekinge every day. But then, it’s only 40 kilometres in each direction...

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