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A political decision has been taken in Denmark to build more super hospitals at various places in the country. Work is currently underway in Aarhus and Holtab is collaborating with Schneider Electric on an assignment for their shared customer, the energy company NRGi and its commercial arm EL:CON.

"Hospitals have very high standards regarding power supply and there is a requirement for redundancy in all stations. If one does not work, then the other one must," explains Ebbe Klarskov Andersen at Holtab.


The local energy company NRGi and its commercial arm EL:CON are the joint main contractor for the work and together with the hospital they have drawn up a requirement specification regarding how the power supply must work. Schneider Electric and Holtab created the solution together.


"We're really happy to be working together with Holtab, which is a new operator in Denmark. But we noted that the customer bought from us both and that together we were able to create a more complete solution; this proved to be a very good idea," declares Jørgen Heine Rasmussen at Schneider Electric.


Developed in Tingsryd

A solution developed especially for the super hospital in Aarhus was created in the design department at Holtab in Tingsryd.

“They carried out a modification and incorporated it into our installation,” explains Jørgen Heine Rasmussen.

“We added to Schneider’s switchgear, made an extra box on a raised base that is easier to install and is greatly appreciated by the project fitters,” Ebbe Klarskov Andersen tells us.

Collaboration continues

The stations are built and their content is installed at Holtab’s factory in Tingsryd and delivered completed to Aarhus.

“We have orders for 10 stations, of which six remain in this project, but we will continue our collaboration with Schneider Electric. Next in line is Herning and then Odense,” concludes Ebbe Klarskov Andersen.

Ebbe Klarskov Andersen
Jørgen Heine Rasmussen
Schneider Electric
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