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Falbygdens Energi aims to
drive industry progress

It’s thanks to MD Lars Ohlsson that Falbygdens Energi, which is owned by Göteborgs Energi, is spearheading smart electricity grids. In 2005, during his time as the head of Göteborgs Energi Nät, he was responsible for replacing 270,000 electricity meters in Gothenburg, Falköping and Partille to enable the measurement of consumption initially daily and subsequently hourly.

Lars Ohlsson
MD Falbygdens Energi 

“The technical solutions must be in place when new metering standards arrive,” explains Lars Ohlsson.

So when Lars was asked to take the helm in Falköping he did so with the proviso that he could run the show as a development company with a focus on smart electricity grids. And he does.

Henrik Kylander, who participated in an entrepreneurial program at Göteborgs Energi, also works at Falbygdens Energi.

“My idea was to develop smarter substations. After a year I was allowed to present my idea for the board in something reminiscent of Dragon’s Den, where I was given the thumbs up for my project,” Henrik tells us.

The smarter substations with remote-controlled switch disconnectors and quality metering minimize the number of outage minutes for customers during power cuts since it is possible to reconnect to a functioning grid remotely. What’s more, they don’t have to send out electricians.

“Remote-controlled switch disconnectors and quality metering became a hard and fast standard at Falbygden Energi. This is where Holtab came into the picture by taking care of equipment installation in the substations,” Lars Ohlsson tells us.

Structured collaboration

Having worked together for around 10 years, Falbygdens Energi and Holtab met up last spring to draw up guidelines for a more structured collaboration. As part of this collaboration Holtab will build and equip the substation Falbygdens Energi will be exhibiting at the EBR Method and Machinery exhibition in Gävle in May, 2014.

Of the eight substations exhibited, Falbygdens Energi and Eon Elnät will be jointly displaying the station with the New Grid Technology theme.

“We want a substation that can be built in modules and added to in an options program. Customers can begin with a simple station and then add to it as requirements dictate,” says Lars Ohlsson.

Conservative industry

Because Lars Ohlsson is convinced that demand is on the way but unsure when, he says forward planning is essential.

“In a conservative industry such as this, it’s demand that must drive developments, but in the long term it’s a win-win situation for progress and sales.”

Peter Stamming from Holtab agrees with this analysis.

“Change is not something that happens overnight. People prefer to see what others are doing before they take a chance themselves, but Falbygdens Energi is at the forefront when it comes to smart electricity grid thinking. We have a great collaboration and we are pleased that they turned to us regarding future developments.”
Henrik Kylander from Falbygdens Energy and Peter Stamming from Holtab
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