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Non-walk-in transformer station for air-insulated medium voltage, 36 kV

  • Fitted with air-insulated medium voltage apparatus type NAL/NALF.
  • The transformer stations fulfil arc fault requirements according to substation standard IEC 62271- 202 type A and B.
  • The medium voltage apparatus is always installed on the back of the compartment. This provides you the customer with: - plenty of space to work in the station e.g. when connecting your medium voltage cables - the possibility of employing live working methods, simply.
  • Outer and inner roof sprayed with anti-condensation compound to prevent droplets falling on electrical equipment.
  • Medium voltage compartments equipped with inner floor to prevent ground moisture intrusion.
  • Earth distance always between apparatus and cabinet, for example at the shield plate guides.
TSK 3000-4, 36 kV • Drawing no. 9990
Complete drawing (PDF)
TSKK-4, 36 kV • Drawing no. 9991
Complete drawing (PDF)
TSK 3000-6, 36 kV • Drawing no. 10054
Complete drawing (PDF)
TSKK-6, 36 kV • Drawing no. 10055
Complete drawing (PDF)