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We take things further and exceed expectations in every project we carry out. While our collaborative partners and customers can be found in a wide range of businesses, power distribution is the common denominator. We've helped our customers build and equip transformer stations and technical buildings for more than 40 years.


We've designed, built and equipped transformer stations and technical buildings for multitudes of customers and contractors in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. We also produce low voltage switchboards and street lighting cabinets at our facilities in Tingsryd in Småland, Sweden. We have grown and evolved together with our customers and today our products, competence, level of service and collaborative flair make us unique in the marketplace.


We base our products on our fund of knowledge, we guarantee our deliveries based on our commitment to service and our relationships are founded on collaboration. We are wholly independent of suppliers in our choice of technical equipment, and are therefore able to offer extremely flexible solutions.


You can download Holtab quality, environment and safety policy, folder about the electricity project in Nepal, as well as our product catalogue: